hey let's doodle and junk

What am I supposed to do about loud neighbors.

M was locked out of his apartment and is crashing at my place

Proceeds to tip over the futon three times and grand finales the futon into my toes.

My foot is vibrating.

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Blood bath & scewer
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Blood bath & scewer

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Anonymous asked,

ooomg what kind of dog???

Pomeranian mix ヽ(´▽`)ノ Honestly have no clue what else she could be…..or if she’s even a mix lol

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Catching up… huff huff
10. Monster form
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Catching up… huff huff

10. Monster form

They’re slowly becoming best friends

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Soo turns out I was doing a different list of things for goretober. But I looked at the one that’s been circulating on tumblr and lol honestly I like the list of prompts on this other one. Just figured I’d point out why my posts aren’t matching up lol.

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