hey let's doodle and junk

Hit by a fever and a scratchy throat.

Mnnot feelin too hot.

I need to go to the bathroom but..!!


-If there’s anything that defines how life is at the moment

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A little story

There once was seven little laptops crammed into one little room. Cranky and with sore eyes, their owners ran outside. A frisbee game and a half later, the room smelled of happy programmers.

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Hinatan is like mihashi’s spirit animal
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Hinatan is like mihashi’s spirit animal

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These past three days have been testing my mental strength. I couldn’t sleep until 6 and ended up skipping all my classes today, but I will repair that by watching the lectures and going to all the office hours I can go to. Or rather, the ones I will schedule for me.

Which brings me to say, I had a pretty liberating talk with A. I blurted a bunch of things I haven’t talked about in a while, and he took it in like a good, sweet friend. He gave me a good honest pep talk. I needed it.

I’m so thankful that for no matter how horrible I sometimes see myself as, I have friends who will argue the opposite. I still don’t exactly know why, but that’s a working process. 

I’ve been telling myself to never apologize for the content I post on my blog, but I feel obligated to thank you all for sticking around and being sweet hearts and sending kind messages despite the droopy things that appear here. 

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