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What the fuck.

The amount of hypocritical, “all-knowing” anons who think they’re serving some higher purpose other than self satisfaction needs to fuck off.
The amount of bullying makes me frown.

Honestly.. when did the tumblr community get so shitty. It’s like everyone is 12.

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Chii and Freya
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Chii and Freya

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Back into our coding jams :-) rgbko

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milkattack I’m gauging the amount of space like a nerd and am too scared to push his leg over to wrench myself in.. It’s silly because he’s slept on my thighs one night.

I’m sobering up becoming more chicken )-:

Edit: wow this somehow posted really late… Lol good job tumblr
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I’m just so disappointed. And frustrated.

I am so close to just sending him a long aggressive message. Except I know I’m in a mad place right now. I’m just. So angry.

He’s so stupid. He’s too nice and too dumb.

Well on a happier note: my beautiful mother will be visiting tomorrow to drop off my warm sweaters and hugs.

Sigh… I want to go to the library while sipping on a hot caramel apple cider and code.