hey let's doodle and junk

This is diary for me!

Just so I can remember! Lol

I picked S up and he’s staying at our apartment for two nights. I definitely missed hearing the guy in person lol

It always surprises me how attentive he is sometimes. For example, I offhandedly mentioned the weather was so humid that despite having already taken a shower, I was going to take another one. Then a while later he says for me to take a shower before he does.
Idk I guess typing it out makes it sounds a lot less thoughtful lmao but still. Sigh you guys S is such a sweety.

Definitely very nerdy cute.

Lol I think rgbko would appreciate this..

I just died in Borderlands and S just said, “Yes, I like to hear your suffering.”

"You mean me or the guys you’re killing"



"Just kidding"

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Guess who was reunited with their fluffy buddy pal :-))))
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Guess who was reunited with their fluffy buddy pal :-))))

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Sometimes he is moe. But there are more times I want to punch his face.

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Hey, so just in case you don’t know. This man is my queen.
Pray one day he’ll gift us with plush pleather leggings and heels.

Name: Souma
Age: 23
Likes: croissants, cats, dreams of eating attractive people, his boyfriend, alcohol
Dislikes: smelly things, sour foods

Sorry for the crap quality pics lol and black marks, I’ve only been able to draw with really poopy lighting! I always get really embarrassed at things I write lol The oyaji doesn’t even have a name oops but the neko is snow named Souma.

Basically the oyaji asked Souma why he asked them to go out, and he replies,

"Because you look like you’re yakuza."
"Oh really"
"Or maybe it’s because you smell good."

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