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Ten Facts

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1. I love my senior puppy, Minnie. She is a Pomeranian I rescued from a shelter and has half of her teeth! But she is very excited to play and be belly rubbed :-))

2. I’ve been diagnosed with strabismus and a lazy eye since I was a little kiddo. lol but go figure I have over 20/20 vision with glasses on

3. I hate avocados (especially in sushi, but I can kind of tolerate guacamole) and beans

4. I also have eczema and get hives from most everything! LOL it’s tough because I looove to eeeeatttt.. but lol no pain no gain

5. I can play the violin and piano, and susbsequently love Bach, Chopin, Ravel, and Debussey

6. I also drew nsfw things when I was little LOLOL yuki/kyou was my first homotp orzorz

7. I’m currently a third year college student pursuing an undergrad degree as a computer science engineer

8. I’m 5’2 and running out of facts orz

9. I don’t have a sweet tooth and would much rather have dinner than dessert!!

10. I have a very foul mouth!

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Anonymous asked,

Is S your boyfriend? :o

No. Not yet..?

I’ve been eyeing this ask for a while but I guess I could use this as a chance to rant a bit.

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Basically we just built a big bed for her.


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This is diary for me!

Just so I can remember! Lol

I picked S up and he’s staying at our apartment for two nights. I definitely missed hearing the guy in person lol

It always surprises me how attentive he is sometimes. For example, I offhandedly mentioned the weather was so humid that despite having already taken a shower, I was going to take another one. Then a while later he says for me to take a shower before he does.
Idk I guess typing it out makes it sounds a lot less thoughtful lmao but still. Sigh you guys S is such a sweety.

Definitely very nerdy cute.

Lol I think rgbko would appreciate this..

I just died in Borderlands and S just said, “Yes, I like to hear your suffering.”

"You mean me or the guys you’re killing"



"Just kidding"

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Guess who was reunited with their fluffy buddy pal :-))))
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Guess who was reunited with their fluffy buddy pal :-))))

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Sometimes he is moe. But there are more times I want to punch his face.

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